Harvy could have gone with Horace to start The Paradise Circus, but he stayed back with his cousin and best friend, Brose. He is a very energetic young boy and is always busy with something, mostly something pointless like digging holes. Horace wanted to bring him in particular to the circus because he felt someone with so much energy would be a great addition to the circus. But despite all the persuasion, he respectfully declined and insisted he wanted to stay back. He and Brose spend the larger part of their day just hanging out and catching fun. Harvy misses his siblings and wants to go join them at Paradise Circus, but he doesn’t want to leave Brose all by himself, so he has decided to stay with Brose until he is ready to leave.


    The five rhinos, two sets of siblings who also happens to be cousins, have been friends all their lives.  Mathew, Molly and Harvy are siblings, while Brose and Presley are also siblings. They have been together ever since their fathers, also siblings, were killed when they were very little. Horace got to meet them by a stroke of luck when he was still working for Hera in Sergsdale and, true to his kind nature, he cared for them like a guardian angel. However, when his time at Bannazon was up and he decided to leave Sergsdale to go start up a circus in Paradise City, he invited them to join him. Only Mathew and Molly agreed to leave with him. Brose and Harvy remained in Sergsdale while Presly decided to find his own path