Drake sells contraband stuff on the black market. The unique thing about Drake is that he works alone – no middleman, no security, no friend, not even a partner – just him and his suppliers. He wasn’t always like this though. He used to have a girlfriend who was also his business partner for many years. He was slowly building an empire of his own when she conspired against him with one of his friends and sabotaged what was to be the greatest deal of his life. It turned out his girlfriend and friend had been seeing each other for a long time and were slowly biding their time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to stab him in the back. This left him in a really terrible situation and it was so bad that he received constant threats from his suppliers who were asking for their money. Fortunately for him, Gazzuzz came to his rescue and cleared off all of his debts. Gazzuzz also gave him some money to restart his life, and all he asked in return was Drake’s loyalty to him. Now, Drake is a lone wolf who wants nothing more than to get revenge on the people who ripped him off.