Gazzuzz owns and runs the biggest cannabis production line in the entire Bannica. He also has an army of mercenaries who he hires out to dirty politicians and other crime lords. This enables him to blackmail them into treating his business with unusual leniency. He has four top commanders who help him run his empire – three of them, headed by Wiatt, are in charge of the cannabis farms while Commander Pugz is in charge of recruiting, training and dispatching the mercenaries. Unlike most mob bosses, Gazzuzz is rather nice and generous. He doesn’t involve in shady deals and is not one to double cross his business partners. This means he also expects them to accord him the same respect, and whenever anyone tries to play on his intelligence, he always makes sure to make a scape goat out of them. He smokes only the most expensive strains of cannabis, the caviar and the oracle being his two favorites.