Wani is a unique and striking character with her half human, half alligator features. She stands out with her sharp teeth, scaly skin, and long tail. Despite her unusual appearance, Wani is incredibly attractive with her exotic looks and graceful movements.

    As a 20-year-old, Wani is still young and enjoys taking it easy. Her favorite pastimes include lounging in the sun and indulging in tasty snacks. She has a laid-back personality and prefers to take things at her own pace.

    Wani's unusual hybrid form is a result of a past nuclear war that caused mutations in humans and animals. While the nuclear war caused many problems, Wani sees her hybrid form as a gift that sets her apart from others. She has learned to embrace her unique abilities and use them to her advantage.

    Wani is usually accompanied by her best friend Peng, a small half human, half penguin girl. While their friendship is strong, Peng can be a bit of a pest at times often annoying Wani with her antics. Despite this, Wani has a soft spot for Peng and would never actually harm her, even though she jokes about eating her from time to time.