Regie is commonly referred to as "The Plug." Regie takes pride in the fact that he is always able to render some sort of help or provide information about almost anything and everything. He started from a lowly beginning, working as an apprentice for a car mechanic. While there, he made a lot of connections with different people who came to work on their cars. Now he is all independent and has a built a reputation for himself as the guy you go to whenever you need info about someone, a place or maybe even an event. Also, if you need weapons, drugs, hired muscle, anything illegal or maybe legal stuff that’s hard to come by, Regie is the guy to go to. Even when he is unable to help directly, he can always direct you to someone who would definitely be of help. He never divulges his sources and is famous for his favorite line – “word on the street is…” But whatever info or contact he gives you, you can be certain it is authentic.