The Lava Knight and Lord Ancefloor come from the distant past to bring disco music back to life. After hibernating for more than 700 years in a frozen nightclub, they woke up to a world they no longer recognized. Trap, techno, TikTok ... What does all those T words mean?
    Where have all the wedge boots gone? But above all ... Where did disco music go?
    The two then set off in search of an ancient artifact: the Disco Grail, the only thing in the world that can make us go back to dancing on the hottest dancefloors like in 1370.
    The Lava Knight is the most meditative one. He always analyzes his surroundings with the lights on, but never disdains some crazy well-placed move when the situation calls for it.
    Lord Ancefloor is a real lunatic fringe: he never stops, destroying the enemy with spikes and retro hustles at will. He's always energetic, and can't wait to revive the record.
    Ladies and gentlemen, they are the Disco Paladins!