THE FIVE are a small group of maniacal billionaires who rule over a dark and corrupted futuristic city with an iron fist. They are obsessed with power and seek to own everything, including the minds and wills of their citizens. To achieve this, they have developed a mind control gas which is constantly pumped into the city through hidden vents. They see free will as a threat and will stop at nothing to maintain their control over the populace.

In addition to the mind control gas, THE FIVE have an army of drones and sentry robots at their disposal to monitor the city and enforce their will. They use their vast wealth and resources to maintain their power and crush any dissent.

Despite their immense power, THE FIVE are not invincible. The Masked Rebels, a resistance group led by Lizzy, are working tirelessly to undermine their rule through sabotage and subversion. The Rebels wear specially designed respirators to nullify the effects of the mind control gas and operate in the shadows of the city to evade detection.