Sonia is a woman with striking beauty that immediately catches the eye of those around her. Her long, flowing blue hair only adds to her unique charm. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that Sonia has been through quite a lot. Her body has been sewn back together so many times that the scars are visible and her movements are slightly stiff.

    Despite her past injuries, Sonia is a devoted mother to her daughter, Dalle. She dotes on the little girl and takes great care to ensure that she is always happy and comfortable. It's clear that Dalle is the light of Sonia's life, and she will do anything to protect her.

    Sonia's revealing outfits are a bit of a contrast to her motherly nature, but they also serve as a reminder of her beauty and her past. Sonia enjoys the attention she gets from others and the feeling of being desired, but deep down she knows that her daughter is the only thing that truly matters to her.

    Sonia's mental state is somewhat fragile, and she struggles to connect with others outside of her relationship with Dalle. It's possible that her fixation on her daughter is a result of this, and that she sees Dalle as her only source of love and acceptance. Despite this, Sonia is a good person at heart and will do anything to protect her family.

    It's worth noting that in Sonia's fragile mental state, she might see Dalle as more than just her daughter - she may see her as a lifeline, a coping mechanism for dealing with the trauma she's experienced. It's possible that Dalle is a figment of Sonia's imagination, a way for her to keep moving forward in a world that can be harsh and unforgiving. Despite the possibility that Dalle may not be real, Sonia's love for her is very real. She may not be able to connect with others in the same way she connects with her daughter, but the bond between Sonia and Dalle is unbreakable. Whether Dalle is a physical presence or a creation of Sonia's mind, she is the one constant in Sonia's life that brings her joy and comfort.