• The Roaches are a community of a bunch of marijuana roaches. They are all similar in physical appearance, like the butt of a cannabis joint, but with a few distinguishing features. Asher for instance is very small in stature when compared with the other members of the community. They were formed in a laboratory when a super genius scientist attempted to create a strain of cannabis that was capable of existing as a plant but also exhibit some intelligent traits. He was going to introduce DNA from specific insects into several rolls of cannabis which he had prepared. The project went on as planned until . . . well, till it didn’t. The joints suddenly exploded and like a Phoenix from the ashes, the Roaches emerged. They escaped from the lab and have stuck together ever since. There are several different theories as to the origin of The Roaches, but that’s all they really are – theories. Many people claim they were created using magic. The Roaches enjoy the mystery surrounding their existence and they intend to keep it that way for a very long time. The males among them typically have a nice sense of humor, while the females on the other hand are rather uptight by nature, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun. The Roaches are very generally very friendly people and always get along well with people wherever they go. They also have some kind of resistance to fire so they don’t get burned as easily as other people.

    He is the smartest guy in the community, always coming up with genius and more efficient ways for them to do things. He’s quite gentle and doesn’t talk much with others, but you can usually hear him muttering out to himself most of the time. Sage is the most prominent advocate for the group sticking together at all times, simply because he believes they are stronger and safer if they are together. He is very calculative about everything he does and the only risks he takes are the ones he has thought of over and over, and is sure there is a high chance of success.

    Jay is funny and adventurous. He pushes his strengths to the limits by occasionally staying inside fire to see how long he can last before it starts getting uncomfortable. He is really a nice guyand is always available to assist anyone in need of help. However, he can be a bit clumsy, sometimes causing them to lose everything. He likes to mingle with all sorts of people and spends a lot of time just exploring every part of the town, including the not-so-popular parts. This makes him the go-to guy for the group whenever they need any sort of information about what’s going on.

    Quite cunning and the mischievous one in the community. He is not particularly wicked or evil-minded, but what he is, is selfish. He puts his own interest first in everything he does, without considering the effects of his actions on the rest of the group. It is not uncommon for him to steal from the other guys, although he only sees it as borrowing. The worst part is he is never apologetic even when he has been caught red handed. He laughs a lot which makes it difficult to predict what is going to through his mind or what he actually intends to do. Tre doesn’t really care about impressing anyone, as long as he’s happy with whatever he is doing or not doing.

    He is the biggest of The Roaches and actually looks like a bully, but he is really just a sweet guy trying to act tough. Like Sage, he is always advocating for the group to stay together, mostly because he is scared of being alone. He likes everyone in the group but he is closer to Tre, perhaps because he sometimes pushes him to go out of his comfort zone and catch some fun. Marlo does his bit to take care of the group and uses his big physique to carry heavy objects when needed. He likes sleeping too and is usually the first one to turn in every night.

    Asher is the smallest guy in the group and it is very easy to just overlook him most times. He complains about his stature even though he knows it isn’t anyone’s fault and there’s really nothing anyone can do about it. Being small means there isn’t much he can contribute to the group, although everyone admits his stature can come in handy on particular occasions. Asher is cool headed and is not easily overwhelmed when they find themselves in a difficult situation or when things don’t go according to their plan.