While her brother, Stoke, moved from city to city, trying new foods, experiencing new cultures and generally living the life of a tourist, Kamil spent her days in shopping malls, and her night in clubs. Being the junior sibling, Kamil was exceptionally pampered by her parents when they were alive, which was why she blew through their inheritance even faster than her brother. Kamil is very beautiful and categorically stunning, which is why she dates only the most handsome and heavily endowed guys. She never felt the need to consider the financial status of a guy before dating, as she had her own money to throw around – well, her parents money – but she had always managed to get any guy she wanted and no guy has ever rejected her. The worst day of her life was when she realized they had no more property to sell, and the fact only way she could survive was to get a job. Now, she tries her best to help her brother run the hotel their grandmother left for them after she died, but not before several futile attempts to sell the hotel and run away with the money.