LUMI is a tourist attraction on MONGA

When you arrive at Lumi, you will find an entrance illuminated by bright neon lights, which will transport you to a magical and mysterious new world. Once inside the park, you will be greeted with a machine where you will have to look for a few seconds without blinking. This machine will add a light layer of a substance that will repel a large amount of UV rays, because the change from light to dark can be harmful, and especially with the great intensity of the lights there, after that, you will realize that everything is designed so that the light is the center of attention. From the rides to the rest areas, everything is bright and spectacularly lit.

However, as you progress through the park, you will realize that the need for darkness is evident. Many of the attractions have areas of darkness that will make you feel like you are in a maze full of surprises. In some places, visitors are guided by lanterns, while in others they will have to find their own way in the dark.

But the most surprising thing about Lumi Land is that the light works backwards in some areas of the park. Instead of being blindingly bright, everything is dark, and it is the darkness that shines and guides the visitors. These areas are designed to offer a unique experience, where visitors will have to rely on their senses to find the right path.