In the search for improvement and invention, at man's highest moment, at that point where everything seems to indicate that nothing could be worse, man, followed by his curse of not knowing when to stop, continued creating machines.

    Machines that solved all their problems, that obsessively carried out each and every one of the more tasks they were assigned, no matter how small or simple.


    This era was named "The Age of Metallic Glow".

    Following this time, AI began to be developed for any type of task; art, medicine, science, mathematics, ethics, justice. The comfort you were giving was priceless, it was free until everything got out of control.

    The A.I. that so fascinated men, understood their processes,

    They understood the way to replicate and create beyond the human limitation. When they realized what their creation was about to do, it was already too late. Not just one AI but millions of them both on and off the grid were taking control of all that was once ruled by men. No nuclear codes were used, which left more than one surprised, but the hunt for the "bleeders" began.

    But something that artificial intelligence never knew how to do was find the "bugs" within its own code, like a cancer that spreads and spreads in a system that does not have a soul or an organ, each machine began to have flaws, cybernetic impurities, "bugs", began to be erratic and unpredictable.


    From this behavior TERAS is born, a Machine named by Athenea in one of their closest encounters, from which she escapes alive by mere luck.

    TERAS, at some point in a distant time, is believed to have been a machine that assisted in high-grade surgical operations. The A.I. that was placed in his behavioral replicator was designed to understand and find organic faults through scanners on the sides of his head, his hands played with different types of surgical tools allowing him to cut, cook, sterilize and cauterize in seconds.


    This machine, splendid in its complexity and designed to heal, was affected by a unique "bug", an idea that was presented in children's stories at the time of "Paper Knowledge", the idea of ​​the puppet that becomes human.


    Teras, knowing the human body perfectly, fell into the "bug" of wanting to be flesh and blood, like its creators wanting to be more similar to machines, only that the impossible and unimaginable process of this idea was lodged in his code, turning this machine into a bloodthirsty butcher.

    Its erratic behavior makes encountering the sea the last thing you do and in doing so it will take an organ, bone or even skin and you will find a way to attach it to its system.

    For the surviving human beings, meeting Teras represents death in its most sadistic meaning.

    Teras turned the hunt for "bleeders" into an obsessive lifestyle. If the first meeting with Athenea occurred when she was in the plains looking for some kind of lost media, after this Athena tried to find a way to defend herself from a machine that its only objective is death.