Kianu is an unusual creature who is neither human nor animal. He is an old and evil being, but unlike the common demons that people might imagine, Kianu is quite curious about the world around him. Despite his wicked nature, he has grown tired of a life filled with darkness and malice. Feeling the need for a change, Kianu decides to leave Ferna, a place similar to hell in many ways.

    Leaving behind his old life, Kianu finds himself on the beautiful beaches of Monga, a tropical paradise where he can finally bask in the sunlight and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. However, his appearance is not ordinary. His skin, which is covered in fur, is confusing to anyone who sees it. This unusual feature is the result of one of his evil experiments, which went wrong and caused an explosion that dyed his fur.

    While in Monga, Kianu discovers his love for exotic beer and wild, crazy sports. He revels in the freedom and joy that comes from indulging in these new experiences. Despite his past, Kianu is slowly beginning to embrace a new way of life, one that is filled with adventure and discovery.