Keto and his twin brother Kudi are the only clowns in the circus. He is not only very smart but also ambitious. Because they are the only clowns in the circus, he feels they should be treated with more respect and not participate in the rigorous tasks. He hopes to one day take over the circus with his brother or break away to start their own circus. He hates being disturbed from his sleep and will sleep for an entire day if given the chance. Keto is a gentle guy for the most part and doesn’t really get involved in fight or quarrels with anyone. He just smokes his weed and minds his business. He loves weed so much that he gets stoned every day, together with his brother and friends. He doesn’t like to show it but he really cares about his brother.



    The second clown in the circus, Kudi is not as smart as his brother, and is always asking silly questions. However, this means he is more suited to be a clown, as the entire point of being a clown is to act silly. He shares his brother’s vision of one day starting their own circus, but his level of ambition is nowhere his brother’s. Unlike his brother, he wakes up rather early and does his tasks without complaining. Kudi has a soft heart and is really not a risk taker, he does everything by the book. He enjoys smoking weed too. He has a habit of turning whatever he sees into some kind of toy for him and his friends to play with. He occasionally comes up with some interesting ideas about how to run the circus, however, his silly attitude means no one ever really pays attention to whatever he has to say.