The duo came about through
    an unusual incident. Estella, the loving daughter of a scientist who is the head of the research division at the Genetics Department of Bannazon, fell ill at a young age. The sickness was life-threatening and had the poor girl bedridden for months. Afraid he was going to lose his daughter, Oliver did the unthinkable; he extracted Estella’s DNA and cloned her in his secret lab, located at the basement of their house. His intention was to replace Estella with the clone after she dies, but after successfully creating the clone without the defects tormenting Estella, he had another idea; he whipped up a
    cure for Estella using the clone’s genetically enhanced DNA. Now finding himself with two daughters, Oliver must hide this fact and keep it a secret in order to keep the girls safe. To achieve this, both girls, now Estel and Ella, must live as Estella, and take turns going out – they must never go out at the same time.



    She used to be the only child of her parents, but they are always too busy at work; her father, Oliver, works for Bannazon while her mother is away on another world, doing some volunteer job she could not understand no matter how much they tried to explain it to her. Estel was usually all alone at home most of the time, and she had a difficult childhood as a result of her parents’ constant absence. But all that changed when she fell sick; she thought the sickness would kill her, but it gave her a sister and best friend instead.



    Estel’s clone, Ella, had a hard time coming to terms and accepting the fact that she is a clone. She has all of Estel’s memories up to the moment her father extracted her DNA under the guise of running some tests. Eventually, Ella comes to terms with being a clone and isn’t so bothered by it anymore; of course, having Estel’s memories also means she felt the loneliness and depression Estel used to feel when it was just her. This made it easy for both of them to bond well, and now they do practically everything together- indoor, of course.