• Camille

    She was formerly the chief of the Ministry of Sorcery’s tribunal but was suspended for alleged anti-ministry activities after she was accused of being involved in the first and only prison break at the
    ministry’s correctional facility, and also for having personal ties with a few known bad sorcerers. At first, she was placed on a temporary suspension pending the conclusion of the investigation. But the evidence against her was overwhelming – some of her sorcerer-allies even confessed to some of her crimes – and finally she was dismissed from the ministry. Since then, she has retired to live a quiet life at her beautiful and colorful garden. She has her own personal assistant who follows her everywhere and protects her from any form of sorcery.



    He is Camille’s personal assistant and is immune to sorcery. Camille found him abandoned in an alleyway when he was still a young lad and decided to pick him up. She raised Patto as her child and, over the years, Patto grew into a big young stud. They discovered he was somehow immune to sorcery and he could as well protect other people around him from sorcery. So, Camille takes him everywhere she goes, since she deals with several sorcerers. Also, during Camille’s time at the ministry, they tried to
    study Patto to see if they could replicate his resistance to sorcery. Sadly, they were unable to come with any tangible result. One theory they have is that there are probably a few other denizens, who like Patto, are immune to sorcery.