Dontae hails from a lineage of fighters, and as per family tradition, he was expected to follow in their footsteps. However, a gruesome accident that resulted in the loss of multiple limbs threatened to derail his aspirations. Despite the setback, Dontae refused to be defeated and persevered through his physical challenges. He sought out advanced technology and obtained a robotic arm and leg, which he utilized to establish the Alamie Battlers - a league where individuals with prosthetic limbs can showcase their fighting skills.

    Dontae's determination and ingenuity have enabled him to rise above his adversity and become a formidable fighter. Through the Alamie Battlers, he not only honors his family's legacy but also provides a platform for those who have suffered similar physical injuries to showcase their abilities. Dontae's creation of the league is a testament to his resilience and serves as an inspiration to others to overcome their own challenges.

    Kennedi possesses a natural talent for capturing people's attention and leaving them in awe. Her approach involves donning colorful and futuristic-style costumes that exude vibrancy and flamboyance, making her stand out from the crowd. Her preferred destination for letting loose and showcasing her dance moves is the Disco, where she unleashes her energy and creativity. As a skilled dancer, she takes pride in choreographing her own dance routines, which never fail to impress her audience. Occasionally, Kennedi hosts dance competitions, providing a platform for others to express themselves through the art of movement and showcase their dance skills.

    One unique aspect of Kennedi that sets her apart is how she perceives the world around her. Unlike most people who use their eyes to see, Kennedi's actual eyes are located in her hands, giving her a distinctive perspective on the world. Despite this unusual characteristic, she has learned to adapt to her surroundings and use her hands to navigate through life with ease. Her creativity and individuality are a testament to her ability to embrace her differences and use them to her advantage.