Oryon is a girl who everyone always called weird in her hometown for liking paranormal things, believing in the unknown and others. One very sad day she goes out to the forest at night to cry until out of nowhere she sees a creature approaching her, she runs out thinking it is a bear but when she stumbles she realizes that it is a totally strange creature. It is a spectral Colossus, creatures that make an appearance through energies such as crying, anger, fear, frustration, etc. with the aim of returning that person to their axis, without losing their good essence or their objective in life.

    ORYON is a young girl so passionate about the unknown that she is not afraid of anything, not even some dangerous demon or ghost that could appear before her. This makes her very careless when it comes to acting and normalizing these situations. She has a big heart and is rarely sad or depressed.

    COSMO is a spectral colossus of
    positivity, he came into Agatha's life to teach her that she should never stop believing in herself and her convictions. He has a very good sense of humor and often makes him laugh at any silly joke. He loves to eat pears and pet birds.