Jacob Wolfe Owner & Founder

With his own inventions, businesses, music, and an increasing list of passions, Jacob Scott Wolfe (Callahan) is not a traveler going down a single life path, but is rather like a tree branching out in multiple directions. He has, however, established firm roots in his hometown of Winchester Indiana—known as much for the “Fastest Half-Mile” Speedway race track and sugar cream at Wicks Pies as the wonderful people that make up the small town. Indominably active, through his time at Baker and Willard Elementary, Driver Middle School, and Winchester Community High School, Wolfe swam, roller skated, played soccer and baseball, wrestled, and did cross country. That effervescent energy carried over into speedrunning various career paths; diverting from the original plans to be either a lawyer or video game developer to work in factories and retail stores, to inventing a bedsheet apparatus called “Defeet Sheet,” to selling CBD sweets, and now, to owning a business. 

Bannacis, his clothing and smoking accessory brand, was born out of his passion for art, cannabis culture, and horticulture, planting mulberry trees and nurturing other botany, and is now invested in a different kind of flora. In addition to selling smoking tools, Wolfe has collaborated with a roster of more than 50 global artists, as well as supporters like his father, to create an apparel brand, with designs often inspired by cannabis strains such as “Mad Scientist” and “Blockhead”. Expanding the lore behind his designs, Wolfe also created the Bannacis Multiverse, in which the characters depicted on his apparel have their own backstories interwoven in the same universe. However vast the Bannacis Universe, it is only a small part of Wolfe’s creative endeavors—encountering all types of media inspires Wolfe to create his own. Upon hearing music he enjoyed, he decided to make his own beats with a Macedonian musician, Mario, and plans on using them as the backdrop for his website, future animations and much more. After being inspired by a series following everyday people, Wolfe began filming his own life as he laid the groundwork of Bannacis, which he intends to develop into a full-fledged documentary. 

Besides other eclectic goals, such as to create a music video, craft animations, and start a podcast through Bannacis Productions, when legal restrictions on cannabis loosen, Wolfe plans to increase his Bannacis catalog to include cannabis buds, concentrate, and a whole array of THC products through his future smoke shops, dispensaries, and farms under the Bannacis name. With an insatiable curiosity, indomitable spirit, and Swiss Army-knife of skills at his disposal, this multi-dimensional creator draws in like minded gifted people that will help him expand the Bannacis Multiverse!

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