• Reggie wanted to challenge Bryan and ask how he knew that the sisters had superpowers when they've never done anything out of the ordinary, but he knew that would only earn him a good beating so he decided against it.

    "Bryan, you don't know what you're saying. Yooni and Yani are my friends. They'd never exploit me for their gains. They're not like you."

    Reggie received a punch in his tummy for saying that.

    "Please, just let me go."

    "Since I feel so generous tonight, I'll let you go. But I tell you, you're not safe with those two. You better watch your back. Let's go guys."

    Reggie packed his things and ran as fast as he could to the dining hall and he arrived just in time for the attendance. However, Reggie could not shake off what Bryan had told him about the girls, so one day, he decided to ask them, but they denied it, and he believed them.

    Days rolled by and life went on as usual in the orphanage, with Reggie coming up with new inventions and giving tutorials to impress Yooni. One day, the trio had just finished geometry class but the whole lecture made no sense to the sisters so they asked Reggie for help. Yooni approached him.

    "Would you mind teaching us again, Reggie? I didn't gain a thing from that class."

    "Yeah, sure. I'll meet you guys at the usual spot in a second. I just have to tidy up a few things before I leave the class."

    "Ok, we'll be waiting."

    On their way to the usual spot, Yani sighted Bryan and, immediately, she held Yooni by the wrist and stopped her abruptly. Yooni was startled.

    "Why? What happened?"

    "I just remembered something important. Reggie might be in trouble."

    Yooni looked around before speaking.

    "Do you sense something?"

    "I think Bryan is trying to manipulate him."

    "What made you say that?"

    "I overheard Bryan two nights ago at the back of the dormitory. He was talking to his boys; to quote him, he said 'Reggie is such a big fool. He does not have what it takes to be smart and cunning like us. We'll threaten him to make us some toys and if he refuses, we'll make his life a living hell.'"

  • Yooni was livid.

    "That halfwit!"

    "Calm down, there's something else. Remember when Reggie asked us if we have superpowers?"

    "Oh, I see where you're going with this. But why did you want us to lie? We could have told him that we had powers and nothing would have happened."

    Just then, Reggie showed up but his countenance had changed.

    "Are you alright?" Yooni asked.

    "Yeah, you don't look good." Yani added.

    "Sorry guys, I can't teach you anything now. I need to go."

    He ran out as soon as he finished speaking and didn't wait to hear what they had to say.  


    "What the–! It's not what you think, Reggie. If that's why you're doing this, you're mistaken. It was Bryan!"

    Yooni tried to explain, but Yani was not up for that.

    "He's not willing to listen, Yooni. His heart is clouded with anger and quest for vengeance, so don’t even bother."

    "You will say anything to save your neck, how disappointing. I know Bryan was an asshole, and he got what he deserved."

    "Let me guess, you framed him for killing your adopted father, and now he's in prison where he'll spend the rest of his life."

    Reggie smiled.

    "Not quite. He did kill my father, but only because I made him do it; the old man was so interested in running his company the old, redundant way and wasn't interested in my vision. He had to go, and dumb Bryan was the right man for the job; he was so obsessed with the money he was going to make after the job was done and didn't notice it was a trap. I ended up killing two birds with one stone."

    "Wow! Looks like you're the real backstabber."

    "You know, I only needed a small portion of your DNA for my work, but now I'm going to harvest everything, from your nails to your hair, down to your organs and bone marrow. Everything! Dr. Ross, the floor is yours."

    Dr. Ross brought out a syringe and slowly approached the girls. Yooni tossed and struggled, trying to free herself. Suddenly, she heard a thud beside her; it was the sound of Yani hitting the ground after freeing herself.

    "What just happened? How did you do that, Yani?"

    "Been trying out some stuff lately. I thought I needed to take powers to the next level so I've been trying to use my powers without my hands.”

    "Yani, you're a genius! I love you!"

    Yani freed her sister while Reggie just stood there, smiling. Yooni knocked out Dr. Ross with one hit and the two sisters turned to face Reggie.

    "Last chance to end this, Reggie, and maybe you can walk out of this unscathed. I'm giving you this warning for old time's sake, and you'd be wise to heed."

    Reggie laughed.

    "Oh Yooni, you have no idea what's about to happen. I've always imagined how this encounter would play out – technology against superpowers, and now it's about to go down."

    Reggie pressed the middle button on his suit and the suit changed to a heavily armed tech suit.

    A fight ensued, with Reggie having the upper hand; he was way too powerful with his suit. As fast as Yooni was, he could target and hit her with precision. Yani, on the other hand, could not fly but was doing her best as a skilled fighter with innumerable weapons at her disposal. Unfortunately, their best effort was no match for Reggie as he soon had them on the floor.

    "Didn't think you could beat me, did you? To be honest, I hoped you would put up more of a fight than you did; turns out you were overrated. Things could have ended differently if you'd just accepted my offer."

    Reggie grabbed both Yooni and Yani by the neck. Yani saw her sister unconscious and it sparked a rage within her.

    "Yes, things could have been different... if you'd heeded Yooni's warning."

    Reggie's suit began to shrink.

    "What's going on? What's happening to my suit?"

    "I'm only showing you why you were never going to win against us; you never stood a chance. All I need to defeat you is my mind; I can turn your suit into a weapon to defeat you. Now, should I crush you?"

    Reggie dropped both of them as his suit was beginning to choke him. Yani knew he would die if she didn't stop shrinking the suit, so she made him pass out and called the authorities. Fortunately, one of the many CCTV cameras in the lab had captured all of Reggie's confession, which was used to
    convict and imprison him. As for Yooni and Yani, they recovered and went back to their normal lives.

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