• Yooni and Yani are siblings; children of the Cosmos sent to
    Bannica to be its protector. Yooni drew her powers from the stars and had the gift of flight and speed; she could run and fly so fast and even travel through planets. Yani had become an established moon fighter who could create her weapons from anything, including thin air. Yani was the cool-headed, rational, and responsible sister, while Yooni was the annoying, distractible, and carefree sister. The Cosmos had decided that it would be best for the sisters to spend time socializing and getting to know Bannica before starting their duties as the world’s protector and, for some reason, Sweetarts orphanage appeared to be the best fit, which was why the sisters spent their first couple of years in Bannica at Sweetarts orphanage before setting out to live independently. While at the orphanage, the sisters kept their power hidden from the rest of the children and, to make them blend well with the rest, they also went without their pet creatures – Yani has an owl while Yooni has a crocodile.

    "Isn't the night sky so beautiful? Just look at the stars." Yooni said as she laid on her back on the roof of the city mall. From there, they could see the entire town, including the just concluded giant edifice.

    "The Moon is still more beautiful." Yani responded.

    "The Moon does not shine as often as the stars. I can't even say I'm disappointed anymore, I'm used to your tediousness."

    Just then, Yooni's crocodile squeaked.

    "See? Even Pondy agrees."

    "Did you take the light beam we retrieved from the interstellar burglar back to the Star Tower, just like I told you to?"

    "Oh! I, uhm, did not."

    "Then, did you at least turn it off?"

    "Yeah… no, I didn't."

    "If you didn't take it to the Star Tower and you didn't turn it off, did you put it in a safe place, then?"

    "Yeah, it's safe. It's in the house."

    "What!? Do you have any idea what could happen if the light beam continues to burn outside the Star Tower? The stars could lose their powers! You could lose your powers and die. You never get anything done completely. What's wrong with you?"

    "Calm down, Yani. I'll take care of it." Yooni assured.

    "You'd better."

    Yooni pouted and repeated what Yani had said, in mockery.

    "By the way, have you heard anything concerning that giant new building in town?"

    Yani was uninterested.

    "Not much, just that it's a big tech company called Unicorn
    Labs; they just opened a new branch here. The opening is tomorrow morning."

    Yooni clapped gleefully.

    "Oh, that means if we could sneak our way in, there'll be lots of free food, right? I gotta go sort out my wardrobe tonight."

    "You can go. I'll just watch it from home."

    "Like I needed your permission, to begin with. You can suit yourself. Besides, no one needs a party pooper at their party."

    Yani clenched her fist out of anger but decided her sister
    was not worth the trouble.

    "You do know that you could lose your powers if you continue to be so annoying, right?"

    Yooni simply shrugged dismissively.

    The following day, Yooni went to the venue of the opening ceremony disguised as a member of the protocol team. As soon as she got in, she got rid of her disguise and blended with the crowd. Back at home, Yani was watching the opening on national television. Finally, the owner of the lab was introduced and called up to deliver his speech.

    'He looks familiar. Where have I seen him before?' Yani thought deep within herself.

    "Could it be…? No, it couldn't possibly be him. Winston is not his last name. But he does look like him. I'll check him out."

    Yani picked up the phone and dialed a number. It rang a couple of times before it was answered; the person on the other end of the phone coughed and sneezed before speaking.

    "Sweetarts Orphanage. How may I help you?"

    "Hey, Agnes. It's Yani."

    "Oh! Yani. What do you want?"

    Yani gritted her teeth; Agnes had never been nice, and the only person she sucked up to was Miss Saydee, the Proprietor of the orphanage, and her boss.

    "I see you're still as charming as ever. Anyway, I called to ask about my old friend, Reggie. It's been so long and I'd like to link up with him, so I was hoping you could be of help."

    Agnes laughed hysterically.

    "Yes, you guys were pretty close back then. But why is it now, of all times, that you are curious and want to pick up your friendship? Is it, perhaps, because you saw him on the TV and realized he's now a tech

    "So, really, it is Reggie?"

    "Oops! My mouth is becoming untethered these days. My brain and mouth must have decided not to work together anymore." Agnes replied.

    "Don't worry Agnes. I'm not trying to get you in trouble or anything. And you've told me all I needed to know. Thank you for
    your time."

    Yani waited anxiously for Yooni to return to give her the full details of what she found out but she didn't return until evening.

    "What took you so long?" Yani asked in a calm voice.

    "Relax, I was out for just a few hours. I haven't had fun like that in ages. The food was totally out of this world and, oh, did you
    know there was an after-party? Like after the launch was over and the news people left, a whole party started right then. There were lots of young
    billionaires and I even danced with some of them." Yooni went on and on about how the party was great but suddenly stopped when she realized she had
    been talking to herself all the while.

    "So, did you guys talk and catch up?"

    "Who are you talking about?"

    "Reggie! Did you meet with Reggie?" Yani asked.

    "Reggie? Who's Reggie?"

    "The owner of the company whose opening party you
    attended today."

    "Why would I meet with him? Do I know him?"

    It was at this point that Yani realized Yooni had no idea
    who Reggie was.

    "Are you kidding me? You don't know who he is?"

    "I mean, he looked a bit familiar when I saw him from across the hall and he smiled at me, but there was no way I could know a
    billionaire like that."

    "That billionaire is Reggie! Reggie from the orphanage."

    Yooni paused for a moment, her jaws dropped in amazement.

    "No way! Reggie the science freak? Who would have thought that we'd meet like that after how many years? That's unbelievable."


    "Wow! How did he get so rich so quickly?"

    "Well, he was adopted by a very wealthy family. There's something I find strange though."

    "What's that?"

    "Less than two years after he was adopted, his adopted father died and he took over the company. He completely changed the business of the company from what it was before and turned it around into a tech company and, in no time, he's now one of the richest CEOs in the tech industry, at such a young age, can you imagine that?"

    "And so?"

    "Did you know how his father died? He was killed by

    "Ok, that's shady. But how did you recognize him, and how do you know all this?"

  • "I called the orphanage and Agnes unwittingly confirmed that he was the one hosting the party. Then I did a little research and found out the rest."

    Meanwhile, that same evening, Reggie was seated in his office when his assistant came in.

    "Sir, we're done for today and your ride is waiting for you downstairs. You're all set to retire for the day, sir."

    "No, I have old friends to catch up with tonight. You may leave, Stone, drop the keys on your way out."

    Later, Reggie drove over to the sisters’ house and, fortunately for him, they had not gone for their night prowl. The duo was
    preparing to have dinner when they heard a knock on their door.

    "Who could it be? We're not expecting visitors tonight." Yani said.

    "I'll get the door."

    "Be careful, Yooni."

    "Just relax, ok?"

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