Dark Knight & Amnesia's Adventures Part 3

Dark Knight & Amnesia's Adventures Part 3


Honey explained how she moved here after being involved in some illegal stuff which caused her to disappear out of sight. Without mentioning why she needed to meet Dark Knight for real, the conversation just blended in.

She then told Dark Knight that she is renting a place just 10 min away from the shop she's working in if he wants to hang out later.

Dark Knight: “Sure, sounds like a good idea. Amnesia will have to go back and try his new stuff anyways. Right Amnesia?”

Amnesia dragged Dark Knight closer to him and told him that he does not have a good feeling about it and she is bad news. Dark Knight replied that he is wrong and he has known her for years.

After getting all the stuff they needed, Amnesia went back to the mansion while leaving Dark Knight with Honey in the shop.

Dark Knight: “So when do you close?”

Honey: “Around 5 pm, you are free to smoke here if you want and play some music. I will grab some food for both of us when my lunch break comes”

Dark Knight and Honey enjoyed the rest of their day together, while Amnesia was testing all his new items and putting them to use. 

Honey was about to close and Dark Knight was helping her out. After that, they went together to her apartment to hang out together. 

The first thing Dark Knight noticed after getting inside her house was how messy it is.

Dark Knight: “Geeez, this place is such a mess. Ever heard of cleaning?”

Honey: “Still got the sarcasm in you I see. I’ve been busy and I did not have much time to get to it. I’ll make sure to call someone for help, or maybe you could?”

Dark Knight: “Naaah I’m good, but I can help you get someone.”

After hours of catching up and smoking a lot of weeds, Dark Knight just laid on his back. Suddenly he notices Honey getting on him.

Dark Knight: “Whoa Eaaaaasy girl”

Honey: “When was the last time you had some fun for yourself. You just hang out with that old man and smoke. I bet you still play those silly video games of yours.

Dark Knight: “Seems you know me too well.”

Afterward, they started making out and things developed slowly but beautifully.

Anyways, you all know what happened next.

After they finished, Dark Knight called Amnesia to tell him he is spending the night with Honey since she suggested that, and Amnesia did not seem to be bothered and spent the night with Baby D watching TV.

The next morning, Honey was getting to go to work and left Dark Knight at her apartment while leaving a note that says. “Thanks for last night. You know where you can find me”

During the same evening of that day, Dark Knight went to check on Honey after he left. He got her the keys to her apartment and invited her for dinner in their mansion without asking for Amnesia's opinion about it -He assumed he wouldn't mind.

Honey said yes and Dark Knight stayed with her to take her since she does not know where it is.

Upon arriving at their mansion, Honey was surprised by the size of it.

Dark Knight: “Seems going out with old men pays well, Dark Knight.”

Honey: “Well, you can’t just stop making these silly jokes. I told you we’re just friends, plus, we got this place together so yeah.”

Dark Knight declared that they have a guest. Amnesia teleported immediately to the entrance to check who’s there.

Amnesia: “Who do we have here, We did not expect any visitors for today so excuse us if not welcomed properly”

Honey: “Wow, he is gentle adding to that. Well, I was not expecting to come either so yeah. Dark Knight said I could come for dinner.”

Amnesia: “I don’t remember asking Dark Knight to tell you so, but since you are here already, I am sure we can manage.”

You can feel the tension between Amnesia and Honey since Amnesia did not like the first time he saw her.

Dark Knight went to Amnesia and told him to take it easy on her and they have known each other for a long time, otherwise, he would not have invited her to her place.

Amnesia still insists that she is bad news and he does not feel right upon her arrival. He even suggested making it quick and not even thinking of asking her to spend the night.

Dark Knight did the opposite of what he was told, right after dinner, he asked Honey if she would like to spend the night.

Honey: “Sounds like a good idea, but I forgot to grab extra weed for us.”

Dark Knight: “Oh no worries, Amnesia got our back.”

Amnesia: “If you thinking I am sharing-”

Before he even finishes his sentence Dark Knight jumps to grab some from Amnesia’s workshop.

Dark Knight: “See, we got all these and more.”

Amnesia was furious because of Dark Knight's behaviors, so he just teleported back to his room and locked the doors on him.

Honey: “Your daddy seems upset, someone is not getting any sugar tonight.”

Dark Knight: “Naaaah it’s fine. He's like that sometimes. Just let us enjoy our reunion for tonight. Want to watch something? Play video games like old times or what?

Honey: “Whatever keeps you up, I'm down for it.”

Dark Knight: “You still haven’t told me the real reason behind meeting me, and the other day I was so distracted by your … You know. So how about you tell me the truth today while smoking and definitely before doing it, otherwise, you know how invested I can get.”


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